Life as a Marketing Graduate.

So I havent blogged in over a year and I think it time that I started up again and tell everyone about my journey as a Marketing Graduate.

I graduated from CIT just over a month ago and I moved to the UK 2 months ago to pursue a career in Marketing. On my journey so far I have realised how hard it is to get my foot in the door without any marketing experience. This is really annoying as my course did not include any placement. If I was to get experience during my college years I would of had to given up my part time job which paid my college fees so it was not an option for me.

So far in the UK I have got a lot of interviews but was not successful with grabbing a job yet. This has made me think about my interview skills. I thought my interview skills were good, always having a smile on my face, dress in business attire, being friendly, giving examples of leadership etc but it isn’t enough.

I have been doing a lot of research and came across a “brag book“. I wasn’t sold by this idea straight away as I thought it would be a really cocky thing to bring along to a job interview but I have started to put one together. Now all I need is a few more interviews and the confidence to show my brag book.

I am going to leave you with a song that has been stuck in my head all day. This guy has been causing so much trouble on twitter his management took over his account but there is no denying his voice is one of a kind.



What I have learned in NTFM

NTFM was a fun, different and new module which my course has done this semester. At first I was a bit doubtful about the module as I have been using Facebook and Twitter for a few years. But I was wrong, I never knew the ins and outs of Facebook pages from a business side. Measuring people who have liked the page from their age group and where they’re from etc..

NTFM has also got me blogging for the first time. Although I did abandon it for a while I can see how it is addictive.  Im still unsure how to use it fully but I’m getting there.

New Technologies For Marketers has taught me a lot over the last 12 weeks. One of these things is the importance of using new technology for marketing. It is the new way of reaching out to the target market and some of this technology is completely free, all that it costs is time.

Between Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and WordPress I have become addicted to Pinterest. Pinterest is all about the visual side of marketing which is also becoming more popular. I reckon this is the site to watch out for next

I would like to thank my lecturers; Catherine Murphy and Colette Murphy. This topic was a change of scene from a usual lecture and I simply loved it 😀

AIB Twitter presense

Myself, Jane Kelleher, Cliona Kavanagh and Sarah McManus recorded a presentation on AIB’s twitters marketing presence. Although I am kind of ashamed of it now, at the time it was funny and we were aiming for top marks on the creative side to this project. It is very creative but we got paranoid about the professionalism of it as it is not very professional. The contents of the presentation is professional so I hope that is taken into consideration. We did think about doing it again but got the strength not too.

All I can say now is that I hope you see the funny side to it and the creativity. Enjoy

Has social media gone too far or crossed a line?

Social media does seem to be never ending. New sites are being created like there is no tomorrow.

Has it gone too far?

Yes I do think social media has gone to far. A lot of new sites are just copying the main sites. One of each is enough. Facebook has reached millions of users around the world and right now I don’t think another site like that can just take over from it. Pinterest for instance is a relatively new pin board site which seems to be growing fast this year. is an image bookmarking site where you ‘flag’ an image if you like it. The ideas for this website definitely came from Pinterest as that was the first of its kind.



Has it crossed a line?

For me Facebook has most definitely crossed a line. Even having your profile on private does’t matter any more. Since timeline has been introduced there is a feed at the right hand side of the home page where you can see everything your friends are writing on and liking. Most of the time I don’t know who my friends are writing to but I can go on and read everything. It feels like I know more about my friends life than my own at times. This is crossing a line. Getting timeline was not an option and I must say I have been on it less since this change.



Once you join these social media sites your whole life seems to be exposed to the world. This is scary but it doesn’t stop most people from joining. Everybody wants to do what their friends and family are doing and social media is definitely the ‘IT’ thing right now.

Poll on social media

So I have written blogs on Twitter and Facebook but with Pinterest growing more users each day I thought it would be good to see which site people like more.

My Opinion

Facebook for me is boring and I’m sick of it. When I go on it I just waste time looking at useless things. Even though I do find it boring I could be logged in for at least an hour and not realise the time passing. Although it is said that Facebook is becoming more popular now I’m really growing apart from it and considering deleting my page.

Twitter, well I LOVE Twitter. It might sound weird but Twitter for me keeps me updated with new songs that are being released. Music is my escape and having that just makes me relax and come back down to earth. I did mention in my blog about Twitter that I should start using it to follow companies and well known social media gurus and im still yet to do that. But I did manage to get some information for my NTFM company through Twitter so I suppose thats a start.

Pinterest captured my attention from the day I got an account. I didn’t know about it until it was mentioned in class but I have to admit it is my new social media craze. I got two repin’s on one of my pictures and that made me ecstatic. I noticed that Facebook and Twitter both use blue in their name and logo but Pinterest uses red. The red logo reminds me a bit of Bebo’s logo but now thats gone they don’t have anything to worry about.

Anyway happy voting.

(ps. Pinterest is my favourite)


twitter, twitter, twitter….. What can I say? I’m more than addicted to it. I have an app downloaded on my phone and once I wake up I reach straight for my phone and check all the updates.

I have been a member of Twitter since 2009 even though it has only become massively popular in the last year or so. I tend to get used to new technology very fast but a lot of my friends complain about Twitter and say its too complicated and they don’t even know how to ‘tweet’. Here is a video that explains how to use it 🙂

I do mainly follow singers as opposed to companies so I think I could change that up a bit. The most influential person I follow is probably Lord Sugar.

I dont really think Twitter has reached its full potential yet. I personally think it has a long way to go with advertising and promotion. Businesses are using it for customer feedback and a way to reach their customers. For instance if I was to ring Sky with a problem it could take at least 25 minutes to be put through to a person in a call centre but if i tweeted them I have a good chance of a quick reply.

The only annoying thing about Twitter is the spam that follow you. I know it only increases your followers and you only get their updates if you follow them back, but it still annoys :/

until next week…. here’s my new favourite song 😀

YouTube is an important tool for the online marketer

This weeks topic for my NTFM module is the importance  is for online marketers. Nowadays YouTube is an extremely important tool for marketing. More people are searching the web every day and YouTube get billion  of hits each week.

Marketers need to take advantage of this website as it an easily assessable. To use it as a tool to attract customers an online forum posted 8 simple  tips for your youtube ad campaign. Viral videos have become increasingly popular, coming up with a new quirky idea that grabs everyone’s attention seems to be the ‘it’ thing now.

Marketing online has become more competitive and interactive. The first video I have ever seen that includes interaction is Desperados Experience.  It is really different and definitely grabbed my attention, I would like to see more videos like this one so marketers better put their thinking caps on because that have major competition now.

Not only can marketers use YouTube to advertise but they can also like other videos so potential customers can get an idea of what the company/people are like. With the like and dislike button it will be easy for marketers to see will a certain campaign be successful or not. Creating teaser videos is also a good way to get people interested and wanting more.